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How Power Teams Work

1. Be committed to the goals of genuine love and true success.

2. Line up a friend to keep you committed to each goal; set up a weekly “check up.”

3.​Fill out the registration form.

4.​Study the resources you receive.
◻ Daily Rhema Journal
◻ Life Purpose Journey
◻ Character and Command Series
◻ The Power of Deep-Rooted Love
◻ Our Purpose in Life – Prayer Manual

5.​Begin using your Rhema Journal.

6.​Submit weekly reports to your Team Coordinator.
◻ Number of days you got a Rhema
◻ Number of nights you meditated on it
◻ Number of commands you studied
◻ Number of people you added for prayer

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Plus $3 per book for shipping and handling
A $100 value for $49 when you register for a Power Team!