Basic Resources

(Books 1–5 are sent to Power Team Members)
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1.​ Daily Rhema Journal
This is your starting point. Each morning, record the Rhema you got from your Scripture reading of Psalms, Proverbs, etc. Review the Rhema so you can quote it to God while going to sleep. The next morning record the insights God gave you during your “night watches.” This will be a treasure for you and your descendants. Entries for one year.

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2.​ The Inner Mind That Controls Our Life
This provides an extensive Biblical and scientific foundation for the literal understanding of our inward body parts and their functions. It explains how our reins are the source of powerful faith, genuine love, God’s wisdom and the fear of the Lord. They explain our involuntary reactions which affect our health, moods and behavior. 211 pages.

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life-purpose-journey-to-the-heart-and-reins-2 JTR-Inside-1 JTR-Inside-2

3.​ Life Purpose Journey
This book provides the scientific research and a step by step program to tear down these four strongholds and conquer the wrong attitudes which they produce in us. Deep insights are given on the secrets of “mountain moving faith,” how to transform our mind, heart and reins, and how to establish effective day and night meditation. 128 pages.

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ccs-cover ccs-inside

4. Character & Command Series
We serve a God of infinite order. He has given us 49 commands that explain how to love Him and others. There are 7 commands that conquer each of the following 7 deadly stresses: anger, guilt, lust, bitterness, greed, fear and envy. Each command empowers a related character quality that is essential for success. This series can also be used as a weekly bulletin handout to business employees and church members. 211 pages.

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power-of-love-cover power-of-love-inside power-of-love-inside-2

5.​ The Power of Deep Rooted Love
Developing agape love is the most important goal for every believer (I Corinthians 13). All conflicts with God and others can be traced to a lack of it. This book explains how to develop genuine love and how to finally use it to conquer anger and lust. Each aspect of love is illustrated with a gripping true life story. 117 pages.

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kingdom-power-cover kingdom-power-inside kingdom-power-inside-2

6.​ How to Experience Kingdom Power
We are to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” and everything else we need will follow. Jesus spoke of the church only three times in the Gospels, but the Kingdom of God over 120 times. Learn about the three kingdoms and how they relate to the power of conquering daily temptations. 64 pages.

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7.​ Secrets of Meditation
God gives us the amazing promise that if we meditate on the daily Rhemas of His Word, “whatever we do will prosper.” This really does work. And this book explains how to meditate “day and night.” There is success if we do it and consequences if we do not because “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word [Rhema] that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” 80 pages.

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conquer-fear-with-fear-cover conquer-fear-with-fear-inside-1 conquer-fear-with-fear-inside-2

8. Conquer Fear With Fear
There is a wrong fear and a right fear. The wrong fear will destroy our life; the right fear will bring “riches, honor and life.” The wrong fear is being promoted by a misuse of the word “phobia.” The right fear is the motivation to reject the activities of darkness and destruction. 81 pages.

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transform-your-fears-cover transform-your-fears-inside-1 transform-your-fears-inside-2

9. Transform Your Fears
It is one matter to conquer our four inborn fears; it is quite another matter to transform them into daily motivations for the right responses to the people and circumstances of life. Five proven steps are given to transform destructive fears. 70 pages.

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adrenaline-addictions-cover adrenaline-addictions-inside-1 adrenaline-addictions-inside-2

10. The High Cost of Adrenaline Addictions
Getting a thrill from an adrenaline rush is a growing past-time in our culture. We get adrenaline rushes from bungee jumps, rock music, sexual encounters, drugs and other ways. What we fail to realize is that adrenaline is for emergency uses only. If it is overused, it produces addictions. Seven steps are given in this resource on how to conquer addictions. 82 pages.

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overcome-depression-cover overcome-depression-inside-1 overcome-depression-inside-2

11. Overcome Depression With Inner Light
The powerful truths of this book are actually being used to overcome depression without drugs in a very short time. This is happening because the root causes of depression are identified and practical steps of action are given to raise serotonin levels. The second part of the book contains a 48 day mediatation guide which increases “inner light” and resolves depression. 150 pages.

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heal-nations-cover heal-nations-inside-1 heal-nations-inside-2

12. Two Overlooked Prerequisites to Heal Nations
For years, believers have relied on the promise of II Chronicles 7:14. However, there are key words in this verse that have not been correctly explained or applied. When they are, nations will be healed in ways that we have not experienced before, especially with the powerful new message of how our “gut brain” functions. 63 pages.

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lets-magnify-gods-name-cover lets-magnify-gods-name-inside-2 lets-magnify-gods-name-inside-3

13. Let’s Magnify God’s Name
God promises, “the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits” (Dan 11:32). This beautiful illustrated, hardback “Heritage Edition” explains 20 names of God and 90 names of Jesus. It reveals how using the right name of God increases our prayer power. It also includes a CD of inspirational hymns on God’s name sung by a former opera singer. 105 pages.

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Neural-Pathways-cover Neural-Pathways-inside-1 Neural-Pathways-inside-2

14. Neural Pathways to Health and Success
What are Neural Pathways? We are born with billions of nerve cells called neurons. All learning takes place by connecting these neurons in circuits called “pathways.” Unconnected neurons “shrivel up” and become useless. The more our thoughts travel over these pathways, the more inflexible they become. By the age of 25, they are fairly well set. If pathways were activated by sensual passions or fear, they will lead to depression, addictions, diseases and premature death. The good news is that we can form new neural pathways that will result in true health, joy and success. If you are serious about reaching these goals, this book will show you how to do it. 96 pages.

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Be Grateful or Lose Your Your Mind-cover Be Grateful or Lose Your Your Mind-inside-1 Be Grateful or Lose Your Your Mind-inside-2

15. Be Grateful or Lose Your Your Mind — Literally!
We are born with billions of neurons. They must be connected in healthy circuits or they will shrivel up and die. The average person loses 85% of his neurons during his lifetime. This causes the brain to actually shrink and results in Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders. A section explains why God allows “bad things” to happen to us. Complaining is a major cause of the destruction of neurons. 145 pages.

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How Is God A Consuming Fire? How Is God A Consuming Fire? How Is God A Consuming Fire?

16. How Is God A Consuming Fire?
God uses sicknesses and diseases as loving appeals for us to follow His ways. There is an enormous amount of scientific research that describes sicknesses, but it does not connect it to the root causes. This is where the wisdom of God’s Word comes in. God has written His moral law in our heart and reins (“gut brain”). Either we follow His way of life or we suffer the consequences in our health. 57 pages.

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power-of-prayer-cover power-of-prayer-inside-1 power-of-prayer-inside-2

17. The Power of Deep-Rooted Prayer
Most believers have two serious problems: a shallow, ineffective prayer life and the fear of witnessing. These barriers to a fulfilling life are connected and will be totally resolved by understanding and applying the truths in this book. When only 3% of a nation adopt a practice, it can transform that nation. This book explains three levels of prayer and how they relate to salvation and Christian living. 91 Pages.

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power-of-faith-cover power-of-faith-inside-1 power-of-faith-inside-2

18. The Power of Deep-Rooted Faith
Did you say a prayer to receive Jesus as your Savior? Was this prayer from your “head brain” or from your “gut brain”? Was it based on mental assent or deep-rooted faith? Knowing the difference can determine where you spend eternity. Jesus promised that if we have faith as small as a grain of a mustard seed we could move a mountain. Learn how we can get this kind of faith. 110 pages. (Available June 1; pre-order now)

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The Exceeding Great Power of God’s Grace cover The Exceeding Great Power of God’s Grace inside 1 The Exceeding Great Power of God’s Grace inside 2

19. The Exceeding Great Power of God’s Grace
A correct understanding of God’s grace is essential for a joyful and successful life. If you only believe that “grace is God’s unmerited favor,” you are probably experiencing disillusionment in your Christian life. Discover how the power of God’s grace gives you eternal salvation, deep-rooted love, spiritual gifts, financial success, the ability to do “great works,” victory over temptation, the discovery of your life purpose, and the strength to triumph in suffering! 105 pages.

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conquer-or-be-conquered-cover conquer-or-be-conquered-inside-1 conquer-or-be-conquered-inside-2

20. Conquer or Be Conquered
There is only one way to live the Christian life successfully! It is to conquer all wrong thoughts and replace them with God’s thoughts (II Cor. 10:4-5). But we have up to 80,000 thoughts every day. How can we possibly bring every one of them under God’s control? There is a powerful way to do it, and this book explains how. 109 pages.

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Unlock Your Priceless Treasure cover Unlock Your Priceless Treasure inside 1 Unlock Your Priceless Treasure inside 2

21. Unlock Your Priceless Treasure
When you were “born again,” you received a priceless gift from the Lord. It is a divine enablement through which He will fulfill His purposes for your life. Many conflicts in marriages, families, churches and businesses occur because we do not understand our own gift or the perspectives which other people bring to a given situation through their gift. Most of all, we must understand why we will misuse our gift if we try to exercise it with our mind or heart rather than with our reins. 120 Pages. 

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How You Are the Light of the Word cover Good News That Will Again Bless the World inside-1 Good News That Will Again Bless the World inside-2

22. How You Are the Light of the Word
During the lifetime of the first century Apostles, the enemies of God cried out to their rulers, “These who have turned the world upside down have come here also” (Acts 17:6). What did they have to get such astonishing results that we do not have? The answer is, they had a gospel of power which we have largely replaced with powerless traditions. This book redefines the original Biblical strategies that God gave in order to bless the world in our day. 86 pages.

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wise decisions cover wise decisions inside 1 wise decisions inside 2

23. Secrets to Making Wise Decisions
Have you ever considered that all the pain, grief, sorrow and sin in the world is the result of just one wrong decision? Every day we make hundreds of decisions about what we say and do. How can we be sure that every decision is right, especially since Satan’s goal is to deceive us into making the wrong decision? Even Jesus made no decision of His own will. This manual explains why we make wrong choices and how to make wise decisions! 97 Pages. 

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best years cover best years inside 1 best years inside 2

24. Your Best Years Start Now
You cannot even imagine what God will do through the lives of those whom you motivate to maintain day and night meditation because God has guaranteed to give them true success, and you will share in the results. Neither your age nor your present circumstances need to stop you from motivating young people to impact the world. 95 Pages. 

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Multiply Your Money cover Multiply Your Money inside 1 Multiply Your Money inside 2

25. Multiply Your Money and Transform Your World
The Four “Disciplines of Love:” First century believers lived out these four disciplines and “turned their world upside down.” The same results will happen in our day as believers embrace them. We can give without loving, but we cannot love without giving. The world recognizes the difference and responds accordingly. The principles explained in this book really do work. They have been neglected for centuries, but they will work for individuals, families, businesses and churches. 101 pages. 

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Four Secrets That Will Transform Your Life! cover Four Secrets That Will Transform Your Life! inside 1 Four Secrets That Will Transform Your Life! inside 2

26. Four Secrets That Guarantee Success in Your Life!…and your world!
In the 20th century, Albert Einstein developed a profound formula that unleashed the atom bomb and outer-space travel. In the first century, God gave a profound “formula” that changed the world. Unfortunately, believers have long since neglected His four-part formula. As a result, the Christian life is not working for most believers. Therefore, they have nothing exciting to tell their friends. With this formula, based on Acts 2:42, there is no excuse for the existence of a small or non-growing church. The average church in America is less than 100 people. Last year alone, a major evangelical denomination closed the doors of 9000 churches. It is now urgent that we restore this first century formula. This book explains how to do it. 119 Pages. 

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In God We Trust - Page 2 In God We Trust - Page 3
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27. “In God We Trust” 8-page Booklet
Flag booklets come in packs of 50. 

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In God We Trust - Cover

28. “In God We Trust” Wall Banner & Flag
Wall Banners (printed one side) & Flags (printed 2 sides). 

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1st-Century-America cover 1st-Century-America inside 1 1st-Century-America inside 2

29. The First Century Founding of America
The real founding of America was not in 1620 with the landing of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims! They were simply carrying out a mandate that was given in the first century. That mandate has been enshrined in American history as “THE SHINING CITY ON A HILL.” 72 pages.  

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Your life calling cover Your life calling inside 1 Your life calling inside 2

30. The Amazing Potential of Your Life Calling!
God rewarded years of quoting Scripture while going to sleep with the unimagined privilege of telling over 2.5 million people the results. The seminars became my ministry; but I got so busy with ministry that I neglected the meditation that brought it about. When I was 80, God graciously revealed my life calling. Over the last five years, I have not missed a single night of quoting a new verse to God while going to sleep. The results so far are beyond what I could ever have imagined! What God is doing in my life, He will also do for you because God is no respecter of persons. He has a life calling for you that you cannot begin to imagine! 105 pages.  

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best friends cover best friends inside 1 best friends inside 2

31. Seven Hidden Causes That Turn Best Friends into Bitter Enemies (and How to Restore Relationships)
The Civil War was a national disaster! Over 700,000 Americans were killed by fellow Americans: brothers fought against brothers, fathers against sons. God gave a wise plan that would have freed all the slaves and established them to be financially free (Deuteronomy 15). God’s plan would have taken one third of the time of the civil war and reconstruction. America would be a far stronger and more united nation than we are today. However, the seven root causes explained in this book made God’s solution impossible to carry out! 75 pages.  

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20 Essential Steps to Train Up Teens Who Will NOT Rebel! 20 Essential Steps to Train Up Teens Who Will NOT Rebel! 20 Essential Steps to Train Up Teens Who Will NOT Rebel!

32. 20 Essential Steps to Train Up Teens Who Will NOT Rebel!
When you work with thousands of teenagers who grew up and had their children who also grew up and had their children, you are able to see what really works and what happens when essential steps are missing. This book is the result of over 70 years of working with four generations! It is written with the confidence that if parents would follow these 20 essential steps to train up their teens, they would have sons and daughters who are mighty in spirit and who will not rebel when they are older. 110 pages.  

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The Wise Response to Pandemics cover The Wise Response to Pandemics inside 1 The Wise Response to Pandemics inside 2

33. The Wise Response to Pandemics
“We are at War!” n March 17, 2020, President Donald Trump stated: “The people of the United States are in a war against an invisible enemy which has attacked 144 countries. We will win this war!” Winning this war will happen as we put our trust in the power of God and follow the wisdom of His laws on total health. 67 pages.  

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How Cities of Light Can Stop All Riots cover How Cities of Light Can Stop All Riots inside 1 How Cities of Light Can Stop All Riots inside 2

34. How Cities of Light Can Stop All Riots
Today, America is in crisis. There is an all-out attack against the police by well organized, well-funded organizations that are determined to destroy America, as it was founded. Our victory will come by building Cities of Light that transform foundational structures. These will remove the possibility of riots. 43 pages.  

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Great Again! cover Great Again! inside 1 Great Again! inside 2

35. How to Make “The Shining City of a Hill” Great Again!
In the midst of the riots in Washington and across the nation, President Trump courageously and boldly walked up to a historic church and lifted his Bible in a symbolic gesture of our trust in God and commitment to restore the greatness of America according to the faith of our founding fathers. 63 pages.  

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Three Lost Secrets to Find Your Life Purpose cover Three Lost Secrets to Find Your Life Purpose inside 1 Three Lost Secrets to Find Your Life Purpose inside 2

36. Three Lost “Secrets” to Find Your Life Purpose
When a teenager kills himself, he is making a public statement: “I have no purpose in life!” Suicide is now the second leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds. When a veteran ends his life, he is also stating: “I have no more purpose in life!” Twenty-two veterans a day commit suicide. Every year 800,000 people worldwide commit suicide. Millions of others live without purpose and experience depression as they pursue vain efforts to fill their lives with something meaningful. This book will explain your life purpose. 85 pages.  

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How to Achieve One Accord Power cover How to Achieve One Accord Power inside 1 How to Achieve One Accord Power inside 2

37. How to Achieve One Accord Power
Life becomes meaningful when we embrace a cause for which we will lay down our lives. What could be a greater cause than living out God’s two greatest commands (loving God and our neighbor) and protecting the nation that was founded on them! 21 pages.  

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Your Destiny cover Your Destiny inside 1 Your Destiny inside 2

38. Your Destiny Will Be the Thoughts You Think While Going to Sleep
Our secret thoughts will shape our life. Character is what we do when we think no one is watching. When it comes to our thoughts while going to sleep, God is not only watching every thought, but they are shaping our character, health, conversations and many other areas of our life that will be seen by the world. The only way to develop a powerful life and testimony to the world is to quote a new verse of Scripture to God every night while going to sleep. 101 pages.  

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Do You Qualify to Get Money From God cover Do You Qualify to Get Money From God inside 1 Do You Qualify to Get Money From God inside 2

39. Do You Qualify to Get Money From God
It is God who gives us power to get wealth. There are four ways that He uses to give it to us. “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich and He adds no sorrow with it” (Proverbs 10:22). People can get riches without God’s blessing, but it ends with sorrow and grief. There are many warnings in Scripture of things that hinder God from giving us money. We need to understand what these are and take practical steps to remove them from our lives. This book explains why God is hindered from giving us money. 51 pages.  

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A Preteen Guide to Conquer Every Triald cover A Preteen Guide to Conquer Every Triald inside 1 A Preteen Guide to Conquer Every Trial inside 2

40. A Preteen Guide to Conquer Every Trial
Victory begins by asking: “Why Did God Let It Happen?” The preteens of our day are facing trials that no previous generation even imagined! They are in need of wisdom on how to avoid unnecessary trials and how to respond to unavoidable ones. This book combines 70 years of insights that I have learned by working with millions of youth and their families. I believe it is a “must read” for all those who want to turn all their trials into friends. 155 pages.  

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