power team

What Is a Power Team?

A power team consists of two or more individuals who are accountable to each for the internalizing of Scripture so they can experience the power of God’s Word “working in them” (Ephesians 3:20; Matthew 18:19-20).


What Happens When Scripture Gets IN US?

Our inner being will be transformed, we will get God’s wisdom, our prayers will be answered and “whatever we do will prosper!” (Psalm 1:3).


A First-Hand Account of Night Meditation

During the past eight years, I have not missed a single night of quoting new verses of Scripture to God while going to sleep. As a direct result, God has awakened me during the night and given me direction for a book or a one-page message. Thus far, I have written and published 58 NEW BOOKS and over 300 ONE-PAGE MESSAGES, plus many other great rewards!

How Does Night Meditation Transform Us?

The “secret” of night meditation is knowing that we have three brains and understanding how they function. With our head brain we memorize Scripture. During the night, it goes down to our gut brain. Then, it instructs our heart brain. David wrote, “My reins [gut brain] also instruct me in the night seasons” (Psalm 16:7).


A Solution to Transform Prisons

In spite of various prison reform initiatives, the recidivism rate in U.S. prisons is an astonishing 80% after 5 years! The government spends 83.9 billion dollars every year on this failing system!

Now, imagine what would happen if every inmate started quoting Scrip- ture to God every night while going to sleep! It would transform the inmates! Such a program is actually being launched in two states!! It will quickly spread to all U.S. prisons!

Five Giants

How Five Giants
Conquered an Inmate!

The Chaplain of the Walla Walla, WA, penitentiary gave an inmate a copy of the book, Five Giants that Every Man Must Conquer. The inmate read it and wrote: “WOW! That book is changing my life! I can identify with all five giants!…

Embassy University

Earn degrees While You Sleep!

A man’s destiny will be the thought he thinks while going to sleep! Be- cause this is true, Embassy University was designed with one purpose: night meditation. For every two years of meditation you will receive another degree up to a Ph.D.!

Embassy University is a free online university that has been authorized by the Department of Education of Florida to design its own curriculum and grant degrees. You can register online.

Why God Allowed False Accusations

Why We Are Called to Face False Accusations!

Have you ever been falsely accused? What was your response? The response that Jesus tells us to have is “rejoicing!” This will only happen if you are aware of the purposes and benefits of false accusations.

Transform Your Church

Ten Steps to Transform Your Church!

In the first century “God added to the church daily” and there was power! In our day, we are adding to the church, but there is no power. Believers are living in spiritual defeat and unbelievers are mocking us. The modern Church needs to be transformed!