A Power Point Presentation

for Team Members


Notice: When the next training conference is scheduled, all team members will be notified so that you can register for it.
When a team member begins to experience the love and success that comes from the five team goals, he is qualified to be trained and equipped for a Power Point presentation.

​On October 8-10, 2015, forty team members attended a training session at the Oak Brook Drake Hotel. The Power Point presentation was given to them, along with practical discussion of each point. At the conclusion, each participant was given a thumb-drive of the PPT, along with materials, so they could present it to groups in their area. The power of the presentation results from the content combined with their personal testimonies The following testimonies were given by conference participants:

The Response of a Political Leader
The first woman senator of a nation of ninety million people attended this conference with her husband. She reported that the prime minister of her nation has just sent her an urgent appeal to return and help them during a time of crisis. She stated, “The truths that I have just heard are exactly what my nation needs, and I will all I can to make sure this happens.”

The Response of a Business Leader
The recently retired vice president of IBM world sales in 147 nations stood and said, “I have never heard the truths that have been presented here today. They have transformed my life. Every person in the world must hear these truths!”

The Response of a Medical Doctor
This doctor has thousands of patients that come for treatment from America and many other nations. He stated, “All my patients must hear this information. It will resolve their stresses and produce lasting healing!”

The Response of a Senior Pastor
The senior pastor of a 6000 member church with a television ministry said, “Every member of my church and ministry must hear this message, and I intend to give it to them.”