How to Help Transform Lives

Two of Many Power Team Outreaches


​Several years ago, 100 inmates of the largest women’s prison in America signed up for an intensive training program which explained the concepts that are in the Power Team resources.

​The results of the training were phenomenal. Top prison officials said they’d never seen anything like it. The lives of the inmates were not only totally transformed, but prison officials asked if they would teach to other inmates what they had learned. Therefore, today, every new inmate in this prison is being given the powerful truths of genuine love and total success.

​Other prisons are now urgently requesting that this program be implemented in their prisons. However, funding must come from outside sources. Therefore, you can donate to provide the resources that are needed.

​At the end of 2014, there were 6.8 million men and women in American prisons. For every one person in prison, there are at least three related family members that are directly affected. That means 20 million people have the potential of benefitting from this program.

​You can have an important part in making this happen.


Most Americans do not realize that the men and women in the Armed Services, who have fought for our freedoms, are facing personal battles that are too big for them to handle. ​Invitations have come to provide help for them. There is no more effective help that could be given than what is contained in this Life Purpose Power Team program. You can help transform their lives and families by investing in this ministry.

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