Steps to Success

The Sole Purpose of Life Purpose Power Teams

The number one purpose of Life Purpose Power Teams is to motivate men to quote Scripture to God while going to sleep at night. The men who have done this have experienced the success that God promised (Psalm 1:2-3).

As the teams and rewards increased, we realized that this daily discipline is not just for men, but for everyone! So, we expanded this ministry by establishing Embassy University, which operates as a DBA under Life Purpose Power Teams. This offers additional rewards to anyone who registers!

Embassy University

Embassy University is a free on-line university that is authorized by the Department of Education of Florida to design its own curriculum and grant degrees up to a Ph.D.

The curriculum is simply to quote verses of Scripture every night and record the results in a Daily Rhema Journal. Every two years, a new degree is earned. In addition to the degrees, you will experience success that is beyond your ability to even comprehend (Ephesians 2:20).

Visit Embassy University and register @ Embassy.University.

1. Understand What Success Is.
Most people picture success as having lots of money, possessions, fame, and power. These may be byproducts of success but they are not success. True success is finding and fulfilling the purposes for which God brought you into the world. Only by doing this will you experience, fulfillment, identity, pleasure and security.

2. Realize That You Have Three Brains.
This is a key factor in achieving success. The world concentrates on educating and influencing your head brain. This is the weakest brain. It is easily influenced and changeable. Our heart brain controls our head brain and our gut brain controls our life!

3. Learn how these three brains function.
Real success is only possible by getting the wisdom and power of God’s Word IN US! We begin by finding a verse of Scripture that has direct application to our life. This is a Rhema.
   Then we write it down in our Daily Rhema Journal and memorize it word-perfect. It helps to underline key words.
   The moment we get into bed, we begin to quote the verse back to God. During the night, it will go down to our gut brain and then instruct our heart brain with God’s wisdom. David wrote, “I will bless the Lord, who has given me counsel: my reins [gut brain] also instruct me in the night seasons” (Psalm 16:7).

4. Do this EVERY night for GREAT rewards!
By doing the EVERY night you will experience total success! “Whatever you do will prosper!” (Psalm 1:3). “You will have good success” (Joshua 1:8). You will also drive out all lustful thoughts that often come while going to sleep. This is a huge reward because your destiny will be the thought that you think while going to sleep!

5. Valuable Resources for Your Success:

daily-rhema-journal daily-rhema-journal-inside daily-rhema-inside-2

Daily Rhema Journal
This is your starting point to get God’s Word into you! Each day, as you read the Bible, God will point out a special verse (a Rhema). Jesus said it is as vital as your daily food. Write it out and memorize it so you can quote it while going to sleep that night. Every two years you will get a degree.

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secrets-of-meditation-inside secrets-of-meditation-inside-2

Secrets of Meditation
If we meditate on God’s Word, “whatever we do will prosper.” This promise is really true! But meditation is not focusing on God with our head brain. It is getting God’s wisdom and power into our gut brain and our heart brain. This process is illustrated in the rumination of sheep. 80 pages.

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life-purpose-journey-to-the-heart-and-reins-2 JTR-Inside-1 JTR-Inside-2

Life Purpose Journey
A life-changing journey to the heart with seven levels of practical steps on how to tear down the four strongholds, how to understand and develop your spiritual gift and how to develop deep rooted faith and love by setting up daily disciplines to experience true success. 128 pages.

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Five Giants Every Man Must Conquer cover Five Giants Every Man Must Conquer inside 1 Five Giants Every Man Must Conquer inside 2

Five Giants Every Man Must Conquer
The 5 giants that David faced during his lifetime are symbolic of the 5 major temptations that every man will also face. Those which are not conquered in their youth will return later in life with greater power and destruction. Precise steps are given on how to conquer each giant. 93 pages.

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The Neglected Secret to Renew Your Youth - Fasting Cover The Neglected Secret to Renew Your Youth - Fasting inside 1 The Neglected Secret to Renew Your Youth - Fasting inside 2

The Neglected Secret to Renew Your Youth – Fasting
When the disciples of John asked Jesus why His disciples did not fast, Jesus explained that while He was with them, they did not need to fast.  But after He had ascended to heaven, “then they shall fast” (Matthew 9:14-15). Fasting was a vital part of the first century church; and the rewards were great! In over 80 years of attending church and listening to Christian radio programs, I HAVE NEVER HEARD A SERMON ON FASTING! We build fellowship halls for feasting, but we neglect the power and rewards of fasting! No wonder people are leaving powerless churches. 32 pages.

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